Becoming More Rounded

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'Curare' is the Latin term for both caring and curing. 

As we “care” for ourselves, the positive vibrations radiating from us flow to others around us. They feel our vibration. They want our “cure”.

The more balanced we are, the easier it becomes to sense when our EnerQi is off.

EnerQi is a term I have coined meaning; the energetic vibration we radiate and carry with us. This vibration is affected from the lifestyle choices we make.

The decisions we make every moment of every day influence the balance of our own Qi and EnerQi. When you are in tune with your body’s needs, maintaining equilibrium becomes quite straightforward.

We see the nature of balance and imbalance when we observe the circumstances that unfold in our lives due to our behaviors.  Since we are all interconnected, our actions, decisions, thoughts, words and emotions not only affect us, but those around us. Positive, uplifting, engaged openness with ourselves and with others, serves as a counterbalance to the sometime negative effects of the everyday world that we all share.

This type of approachable behavior makes us softer, a bit rounder in our humanness. It wakes us up to the grander scheme of a better world we are helping to create, and want to live in.

Making eye contact when others are speaking, stopping to help a stranger in need, asking the barista or shop clerk how their day is going is a gift you can give over and over again. Actions like these are selfless and “caring”….“random acts of kindness”.

The opportunities, ideas, and ways to give to others are endless. As you give, in small or in big ways, you will observe a shift in what you receive within your own life.  Situations change, perspectives shift, relationships transform.

By tuning into yourself and others you become empowered to make stronger, healthier and more powerful decisions.

It is a given that when your EnerQi is vibrating with a strong electromagnetic current, you will attract these like energies to yourself. It is a central law of the universal flow of attraction and health. Your thoughts are big, energetic, forceful magnets that become your reality.

You will discover as you begin to live a more balanced life, you will create and experience more vibrant health, joy, laughter, love and happiness in all areas of your life.

Although I have discussed the concepts of Oriental philosophy in previous columns they bear repeating as they are such an important concept to overall health, equilibrium, and ongoing wellness.  

All living organisms operate within a constant dynamic flow between yin and yang  (hot and cold, night and day, dry and wet). When looking at the symbol for yin and yang, one of the first things to notice is they are round with two symbols enclosed within. There are no sharp edges or angles; everything circulates around the yin and yang symbol. One half blends giving way into to the other.

Yin and Yang depend on each other for balance, harmony and wholeness. Each contains a round circle of the opposite color, representing the opposite energy within its center. Because they are interdependent, Yin and Yang are both conduits of magnetized energy for one another, and for themselves. They feed off each other’s actions and reactions.

Acupuncture, done with metal needles, serves as a conduit to assist in the equalization of this magnetized energy. New blood, oxygen, and vitalized Qi flows to your brain, organs, and meridians enhancing your immune system.

With a new season upon us, gift yourself by exploring interesting ways within your own life to translate and include the concept of yin and yang energy. Then take those insights out into the world around you.

Life abounds with possibility and is full with a myriad of options from one moment to the next. Every day, you have the unique opportunity, and privilege, to choose the life you want to lead along with the power to make the decisions that will take you to those places.