Happiness and Empowering Mental Attributes

Pharrell Williams is a funky soulful singer who has written a contagious foot tapping song named“Happy“ which has become number one in 25 countries including America.
When I see my patient Analise, I am reminded of the happy positive feelings this song portrays. It is always a special pleasure to see patients like Analise.  She is a “glass half full“ type of person.  As single mother in her thirty’s who is studying medicine, she has been coming to my clinic for the past 18 years for tune ups that keep her equilibrium strong.  She has the attributes of a mentally strong person as she maneuvers through life’s many challenges.

In talking with her I notice that she relates to most situations objectively.  Her perception of circumstances is centered and even.  She does not react emotionally or project negative, anxious thinking onto situations that she can or can’t control.

Some might call her a critical thinker, as she allows for other possibilities to be discovered in situations, staying fluid in her thinking to other options, and ideas.  Because she is flexible in her thinking and choices if her first plan of action fails she finds another creative way or looks for another opportunity in which to try something different.
Analise is resourceful, which gives her and her daughter permission to look forward to change, and go with the flow of life rather than fight against it.  I see real determination in the way that Analise lives her life, It has been a very long haul as a single mother for her to complete Medical School, yet she has shown strength of spirit in her calling, and continues to always move forward with the ever changing tides of life. She is not uncomfortable in asking for outside help and support when she needs assistance, and has a wonderful support team around her and her daughter.  

As an emergency room Doctor she will need the mental strength and emotional stability that she processes, which will keep her even and balanced when situations can and will be harried, unfortunate, and stressful.  She remains calm, and open to life and its stirring moments, knowing not to expect that there will not always be a positive, uplifting ending.
Her life for the most part remains steady and balanced as Analise incorporates regular meditation, acupuncture, exercise and healthy eating into her busy lifestyle.  She makes time to rest even with her busy schedule and hospital rotations.
Another wonderful attribute that Analise processes is the ability to laugh, while not taking herself or her lot in life to seriously, she can let go and have fun.  Her mental strength has allowed her to move forward in life when her marriage failed, and to see the new path before her as an opening to yet another new opportunity in her spiritual and emotional growth.  Her perception of life is one of innovation and optimism.

She is “happy, her happiness is her truth “.