"I first tried acupuncture because I am a runner and was experiencing pain in my hip. My general practitioner examined me, took x-rays and said he couldn’t find anything wrong with me, but if it hurt, to stop running (not an option, if you know runners!). I tried chiropractic with mixed results. After running through the pain for almost two years, I was open to try anything but surgery or drugs. Eastern medicine was a welcome and pleasant surprise, because I was treated as a whole person, not as a specific injury. Not only was my hip pain cured, I noticed that with treatments and a few tweaks to my lifestyle choices, I no longer got cold sores and avoided the fatigue that I fought valiantly for years with caffeine. I found that I was totally chilled out after treatments and a lot less irritated by the little things and people in life. I am now hooked and know when I need to go in for my “attitude adjustment!"

                                         - T.A.S. - 29 Year-old female

"I decided to try acupuncture because my shoulder was bothering me and all the normal medicine, and even an osteopath using non-mainstream techniques, was not helping. All the symptoms seemed to return. I needed to try something else. I was also in a period of self- discovery, working on my issues for the first time in my life. Although I had lots of support at my church and great friends, I felt I could make choices I never had before. Trying something new was part of loving myself and taking responsibility for my own health and well-being.

My first session, I was apprehensive, because it was something I had never experienced before. When you open yourself up to healing, whether it’s the soul, spirit, physical or emotional, one can feel very vulnerable. I found that my acupuncturist’s manner and empathy, her ability to differentiate, etc. while connecting to the patient (me in this case) while properly diagnosing and treating, was as important as the treatment.

The second session, I began to really see some effects from the treatment. I felt much more relaxed, I had more energy, and my overall outlook on life improved. Since that time, I have improved, and . . . my original problem shoulder [has] greatly improved."

                                                  - B.L.S. - Male late 40's

2013-03-01 12.03.21-1.jpg

“I have severe osteoarthritis in my left hip and moderate to severe osteoarthritis in my right hip, plus a bone spur in my left heel. My qualitative impression of acupuncture is that it seems to have arrested the deterioration at a minimum. I seem to walk with less of a limp than formerly. An unexpected side benefit is that I have also been able to lose thirty pounds that I was not able to shed previously. I have been receiving acupuncture treatments and nutritional counseling for more than six months now.

The acupuncture sessions provide me with almost a trancelike-quality period of rest and rejuvenation, a feeling of overall well-being. The results have been wonderful in the context of my overall hectic personal and professional lifestyle. The respite is something that I look forward to every week, and the feeling of relaxation and well-being that it generates lasts especially throughout the day but also helps create a sense of greater calmness throughout the week. I benefit from my acupuncture treatments and always look forward to my visits/naps. Thank you for your help!”
                                                  - M.R., male, late 60's

"Four years ago when I first tried acupuncture, I had a host of health issues. I was suffering from depression, had a rash that covered my arms, legs and torso, in addition to irregular heartbeats, fatigue and headaches. None of the physicians I had seen in the past seven years could tell me what I had or help me. After my first meeting with Sheri, she suspected that one of my problems was food allergies. She put me on a restricted diet and within weeks, I felt better. We also discovered that I have an autoimmune disease. With acupuncture treatments, my rash began to disappear and my immune system is a lot more stable. Acupuncture, herbs, dietary and lifestyle modifications changed my outlook and I now know I can live a long and healthy life. Words can never express my gratitude. Thank you for helping me!"

                                            - D.K. - 47 Year-old female

“After years of restless sleep, I was walking around exhausted, with true memory loss and impairment. My immune system was beginning to falter and I was catching cold after cold. A friend of mine suggested I try acupuncture, and frankly, I was sick of taking nighttime sleep aids.

This was not what nature intended! As I lay there during my first treatment, I was incredibly relaxed. I actually fell asleep on the table! I hadn’t slept like that in years. As soon as she put the needles in, it felt like a mild form of laughing gas from the dentist. By the time she closed the door, I was floating and on my way to a deep, relaxing nap. This relaxation stayed with me throughout the rest of the day; in fact, I was actually tired the rest of the evening and slept for five hours straight after my first treatment! I hadn’t done that in years. After six months of treatments and herbal medication, I now enjoy a full night of rest every night. It has changed my life. No more colds! I can concentrate at work and I am so much happier; just ask my husband!” 

                                                                                                                                             - A.L. - 48 Year-old female