In addition to ongoing digestive disturbances, Diane was a skittish, nervous person. She traveled frequently between her two homes in L.A. and San Diego. Her San Diego home was supposed to be her little relaxing hideaway. Instead it had become a place where she felt uneasy, stuck and had trouble relaxing, and sleeping. She knew I practiced Feng Shui and set up a consultation. Our next meeting was in her home so I could have a look around.

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Our homes, bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom, office, garden, balcony, all have their own unique energy vibration. So do the environment of the places we work and choose to frequent for workouts, shopping, dinner, recreation or the local coffee shop for just a cup of tea and time out to meet with friend’s or read the paper

Feng Shui is the Chinese Interpretation of geomancy. The Term geomancy combines the Greek word Gaea, meaning “ the Mother Earth” and Manteia meaning “ a system of divination or knowledge”. Geomancy is therefore a way of knowing the earth.
Feng Shui is the name we use for the way this circulation of energy and flow of life force, (chi ) create balance and harmony. It is the ancient Chinese science of placement. Wind Water is the english translation for the words Feng Shui.

Placement of things, colors, shapes reflections, Feng Shui principles creates sacred spaces.
The concepts have a lot to do with common sense, such as where to place the bed, dressers, or how to set up the office. There is also a deeper listening that each dwelling will whisper of its own unique energy and personality, such as the way it uses light and shadow if one becomes still enough to hear and see. Feng Shui also speaks to the idea that your “space creates your life”. Feng Shui adheres to the principle that our homes reflect our own private spiritual sanctuary. Home is the place we go to revitalize and recharge. Our own idea of blissful oasis. By creating a warm welcoming space we are more harmonized in our mind and spirit. We rest better, feel stronger, and become more enlivened.

By using natural light, furniture, pillows, color, paint, books, pictures, mirrors, windows, fabrics, plants, flowers, and wind chimes to reflect these concepts we carry these feeling of peace and balance with us as we leave our homes and re-enter the world. The way shapes fit into space plays a part of the way energy moves as well.

All dwellings have their own personalities, enhancing the atmosphere to make the most of the space creates a harmony that gives you permission to relax and make the most of your surroundings. The Chinese have a fantastic saying if you are depressed or feeling anxious clean your home or office. Just be throwing away old papers, files, or giving away clothes or furniture that you have no longer have use for, you open up space for something new to come into your life. Feng Shui does not have to be complicated or expensive. There are maps or 'gwas' to follow that guide you in the placement. There are nine life issues that have a certain optimal places in the home or space. There are several types of methods or maps one can use to help diagram ones home. I like to use the bagua trigrams.

In depth writings of the meanings of the trigrams could fill pages as each trigram has at least 50 different associations that could be important to any Feng Shui case. A Trigram determines the placement of these 9 life elements as they are represented in each room of your home. When the Trigram Gua is placed facing the orientation of the front door as you enter into each room you will see where the areas of knowledge, family, wealth, fame/reputation, Marriage/partnership, health, children/ creativity, career, and helpful people lie in direction to the walls, doors, windows, and closets. This is another way of using knowledge as power to enhance your life. Using Feng Shui can be intuitive, fun, and powerful as you watch yourself manifest your desires to create happenings in your life. When I arrived at Diane’s home I could see immediately why she felt so uncomfortable there.

As I entered the Front door I looked directly into a blank wall almost as If I was facing a road block. I suggested she put a mirror or a lovely portrait up so instead of looking into a wall there will be a pleasant image to greet all who enter. Her front windows faced the house across the street. The neighbor could see into her windows. She had shades, but they were see through when drawn and she had little privacy. She replaced the shades with Shutters so during the day she could still enjoy the light, and they could be shut for privacy in the eve. I suggested that she paint her front door red. Red is a very auspicious color as its vibration attracts good luck, movement and love. Diane worked from home, her office was a mess to put it mildly! She vowed to clean out all the old papers, overflowing file cabinets, and to get organized. I suggested she turn her desk and chair around as well as she was sitting with her back to the door, instead of in the “ command “ position with her back facing the wall. Now she could see the entrance to her office door.

Her bathroom was a blue color it was also at the end of a long hallway. I asked her to keep the door closed at all times, and to consider painting it Yellow. Yellow is the color of health and the earth, because of this it is a very centering color giving way to feeling calm, and more relaxed. I suggested she paint one wall in her kitchen yellow, as well to help with her digestive complaints, anxiety, and the stuck feelings she was experiencing. A mirror over the wall by the kitchen table would also reflect abundance and enhance balance in the home. Her bedroom had a lot of sharp angles. I asked her to remove the square and rectangle pillows and replace them with oval and round ones.

There was a very sad looking plant which we put in the garden to thrive. Meanwhile we added a round vase to the bed table to be filled with fresh, fragrant flowers every week. ( preferably red or pink ones. ) This changed the harmony of the bedroom. We also changed the angle of the dressers to the walls which really opened up the room, and softened the edges considerably. The right Colors are important in the bedroom as well. I suggest colors of the flesh, think passion and calmness using reds, blush, oranges, in soft relaxing hues.

I saw Diane 1 month after our consultation. She was happily amazed at the transformation of her energy, and anxiety. Her digestion was improving, and her relationship with her significant other had deepened and softened. She was really looking forward to a being in her home now. She feels more connected to her space, her self, and her relationship all the while awakening in her a new awareness of Feng Shui in the world around her.